Cyberbullying: when virtual hurts for real

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On the Internet, information travels fast. In a few minutes, it can reach tens, hundreds, or thousands of people, and it continues to circulate for a long time. Do you really want to send something that can cause so much damage?

Loss of control


When an act of cyberbullying is committed, no one can predict what will happen. One single action can be shared and spread instantaneously. It can go public and reach an unlimited number of people. That’s what we call the social multiplier effect. Once the info is sent, we have no more control over how it’s distributed, passed on, and interpreted. It’s impossible to turn back: the damage is done!


Actions with a lasting effect


On the Internet, time and boundaries are changed. A person’s reputation can be tarnished very fast, in lots of people’s eyes, and for a long time. Cyberbullying can do much more harm than you ever imagined!

Before writing or posting something that could humiliate, mock, frighten, or hurt someone, think carefully. Do you want to run the risk of ruining someone’s reputation? How will you feel if your message is reposted and distributed by tens or hundreds of people? And how do you think your victim will feel? Would you like to be in his/her place?


Remember that, behind your screen, there are living, breathing people, and your actions can have more serious consequences than you think.